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Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle. Astrology in the sky, horoscopes concept.jpg

3-Month Astrological Timing Reading
1 1/2 hours

Timing is everything, and astrology shines when it comes to it. If you have questions around the timing of launches, new endeavors, new relationships, or anything else, this is the reading for you.

Progressed Moon Astrological Reading
1 hour

A Progressed Moon reading moves the moon of your natal chart one degree for every day you've lived. This reading will unlock the season that you're currently in with regards to your natal chart, and allow you to lean in to how you might best carry out your natal chart's imperatives for your best life NOW!

Astrological Transit Quick Look
30 minutes

For those who've already had a natal chart reading, and just want to see what the transits are doing for you right now, this is the reading for you. This quick, half-hour reading will help unlock your current situation and what you can do to work with and through it.

Astrological + Tarot Reading
1 1/2 - 2 hours

For those who want to know when and why, but want the added answer of "How?" this package is for you. We will do a natal chart reading or timing reading for an event in your life. Then, we will consult the tarot cards to see how you can tailor-make your best life.

Astrological Natal Chart Reading
1 1/2 hours

You are unique and wonderful just as you are! The Crone will help you answer the two important life questions we all want to know: Am I normal? How can I live my best life? The answer to the first is always "Yes!" Sign up for a natal chart reading with The Crone to find out the answer to the second.

Transitional Tarot Reading
1/2 hour

New job? New relationship? New home? All of these are transitions that come up in our lives. But which do you pick if you're unsure of the best decision for you? Unlock the answer with a tarot reading specific to your situation and get those much-needed answers.

Find Your Focus Tarot Reading
1/2 hour

You don't know where to start, but you need to start somewhere? You want answers, but you don't know the questions? This is the reading for you! No one-offs here. This is your chance to dedicate the power of the Tarot to just you and your life and get those longed-for answers.

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