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Self-Love Package: Romance Gorgeous You!


Loving ourselves is vital for the health of our relationships. Crones know this and the power that comes from standing in our own space. This package helps you see your gorgeous Self in all your power, and gifts you with tools to be who you truly are.

  • One-hour Zoom Tarot reading with The Crone, including:

    • Cards pulled for the three most important areas of your life​

    • Deep dive into what you can change and how to do it

    • Three action items for when the reading is over, one for each area of your life

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Life Balance Package:
The Four Elements


Balance eludes us when the elements in our lives are unaligned. This package helps you reconnect with what’s important to you, and balances the elements to give you the solid base to accomplish whatever you long for.

  • One-hour Zoom Tarot reading with The Crone, including:

    • Discuss the ebb and flow of the elements and how they affect you specifically

    • Deep dive into aligning your goals and values with the elements​

    • Action items for when the reading is over to bring balance into your life

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Pivotal Reading:
Find Your Focus


Not sure where to start or which area of your life to concentrate on? This is the package for you! No one-offs here. This is your chance to dedicate the power of the Tarot to just you and your life and get those longed-for answers.

  • Pre-reading Focus worksheet to help you get the most out of your reading

  • One half-hour Zoom meeting with The Crone to create a foundation for your Life Creation

  • Worksheet for self-reflection for after the reading

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Be Exactly You: Astrological Natal Chart Reading


You are unique and wonderful just as you are! The Crone will help you answer the two important life questions we all want to know: Am I normal? How can I live my best life? The answer to the first is always "Yes!" Sign up for a natal chart reading with The Crone to find out the answer to the second.

  • One-hour zoom natal chart reading with The Crone

  • Explore your unique character in your natal chart

  • Find out how balanced you are in the elements

  • Know your strengths and how you meet the challenges in your life

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