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  • Heather Kinsey

True North: Realigning Life

Hiya, friends!

Our paths are always moving in a straight line forward, even when it feels like they’re veering off in a different direction. I can say this with confidence, because your path is always where you are and you’re always creating your life by moving into the future, which becomes your current moment. It’s the “Now, now” characters in the movie Spaceballs were talking about. Life is now, now. Not now, then. Not now, future. It’s now, now, and we’re at our best when we can stand firmly in that moment and create our lives as if there will never be another one.

We call this “mindfulness” in the spiritual community, but that’s just a fancy idea. The truth is that we’re always being mindful because it’s always now, now. What we’re not doing is paying attention to how we feel and what we want when we’re in the now, now. We’re thinking ahead and anticipating the next moment instead of dealing with the current one. Look, life can move fast and each now is just the past as soon as you’ve thought about it. But the now can be the building blocks of an amazing life once you get used to paying yourself the attention you deserve.

When we pay attention to who we are, what we want, and how we feel about it all, we give ourselves the space to create the now that is the best for us. It’s magic, and only requires that we allow it to happen regardless of what’s going on around us. Putting ourselves first in our now, now is really the only thing we do have control over. All the rest of it is someone else’s, just as it should be.

This includes listening to the “no” in your head when it pops up instead of pushing that wisdom down and doing the thing anyway because “someone wanted you to, and did it hurt me?” Didn’t it, though? Because while you were doing that thing that didn’t align with your path in life, there were other things that you couldn’t do for yourself. You gave away your now, now for something that that might have aligned perfectly, not only with your own mission statement and path, but in the situation with the person, too. We are at our best when we’re following our own path, because, remember, they can intersect with another’s path, too. Don’t short-change yourself. You’re amazing and important and every one of your nows is worth so much to all of us. When you’re living your best life in your own created now, you make the world better for all of us.

Please answer these questions this week.

  • Name a time when you did something that wasn’t aligned with your mission statement. How did you feel? Did it work for you in the long-run?

  • Name a time when you did something that was perfectly aligned with your mission statement, even if you didn’t know it at the time. How did you feel? What was the best part?



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