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  • Heather Kinsey

True North: Pointing That Direction (May 9, 2023)

Hiya Friends!

You are the driving force behind where you are on your path. You are the only one who can decide what True North looks like for you. Sometimes this means that you will choose situations and people that are currently in your life, and sometimes you won’t. This can feel hard and overwhelming, and that’s okay.

Part of finding out what your True North is, is finding out what you want and don’t want in this moment. Take some time to figure this out, knowing that it can and may change as you go. Reevaluating what you want isn’t failure, it’s simply a way of tweaking what you want and don’t want based on the information you have at the moment. Nothing more or less.

We get very caught up in the idea that once a decision is made, about our family, our careers, or our choice of friends, that we can’t undo that decision. It’s like we’re stuck in this “thing” now, and we have given over our power to it. I think this sometimes comes from the idea of Diminishing Return, where we’ve put so much time and energy into a project, career, relationship that we forget that we actually have a choice.

We allow society and others in our lives to tell us that we’re being “flaky” or indecisive when we change our minds about what we want, but we’re really only recalibrating our path based on circumstances that are different than they were a month or year ago. We create our lives as we go, and simply accepting what’s in front of us as “the way” is not who we are as creative beings.

Also, know that you’re not capable of being on the wrong path. This isn’t about looking at two (or more) ways to go, and feeling like if you choose one, you automatically eschew the other. This is about knowing that all of the paths that you choose from can, and probably will, merge and separate numerous times as you live life. You might not even know it’s happening, and that’s okay. Paths weren’t meant to be straight all the time. How exciting to see what’s around the next bend!

Think about the options you have open to you right now, and then answer the questions below:

  • Name one thing you want. Which path will give that to you?

  • Name one way of thinking you want. Which path will give that to you?

  • Name one feeling you want to experience. Which path will give that to you?



The Crone

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