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  • Heather Kinsey

True North: The Beginning

Hiya, friends!

In this moment, we can be exactly who we want to be. We don’t need to wait for some future version of ourselves to be our true selves. We only need to find our True North, point our toes in that direction, and begin walking toward the life we want.

But, what is True North? True North is a combination of your values and beliefs, and finding a path that speaks to who you want to be and how you want to live this life. No one else can decide your True North, and no one can be allowed to interfere with it without your agreement. You decide what it is and how you live it out.

True North can be about allowing the things you want to come to you, which sounds kind of woo-woo when it’s put like that, but really this is about noticing and giving energy to the things you want out of life and ignoring and starving out what you don’t want. This isn’t some sort of “grin and bear it.” If you feel like you need to do this, it may be an indication that you might need stronger boundaries. Creating these stronger boundaries will, in most cases, make it easier in the long run for you, but in the short-term, there might be some doubling-down by other people or situations. Only you can decide if it’s worth the battle, and whatever you decide is valid.

I really believe that we can be at our most creative when things aren’t going our way or the way we want them to. Giving it some thought instead of automatically reacting, can be the difference between the loss of a relationship, say, and the beginning of a healthier one. Boundaries are key in these situations.

When you think about your own True North, you must think about the things that are working in your life right now and what isn’t working. This isn’t about getting rid of everything in your life all at once. It’s about thoughtful consideration of what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

Please answer the following questions for yourself as you begin to find your own True North.

  • What people in your life right now make you happy?

  • What situations in your life right now make you happy?

  • What thoughts make you happy?

  • What do you do for yourself that makes you happy?

  • What hobbies make you happy?

  • What about your job makes you happy? What kind of work do you think could make you happy?



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