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  • Heather Kinsey

Why Transitions Matter

Hiya, friends!

This week, we’re beginning a new series about the transitions in our lives, big and small, how we deal with them, and how we can take care of ourselves in the midst of them.

What do we mean when we say transitions?

A transition is when we move from one way of being into another. This can be going to college, starting a new job, aging, having surgery or a baby, or both. Any time that you move from one state of being into another, you are transitioning.

We do it all the time, really, like when we get out of bed, when we eat, when we go to work, and we’re good at it for the most part. I’ve heard it said that humans hate change, and I think it’s true only to a point. We’re just so used to making transitions and changes in our lives, that we don’t always see transitions that way.

That’s fine, but we’ll be concentrating on what happens and how we react when the bigger transitions come into our lives, like the ones I listed above, among others.

Sometimes it’s not really just one big transition that can waylay us and set us back on our heels, but a bunch of smaller ones all at once. Ever woke up late, lost your keys, and got stuck in traffic? Those are all transitions from one state of being to another, and they can pile up and make us miserable. Or not.

Please settle in and answer these questions:

  • When a big transition comes my way, I have a tendency to ____ (freeze, freak out, cry, rejoice).

  • When a bunch of smaller transitions stack up, I feel ____ (crazy, overwhelmed, happy, capable).

  • How would you like to feel when a big transition comes your way?

  • How would you like to feel when smaller transitions gang up on you?



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