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  • Heather Kinsey

Transitions: Where Are You Now?

Hiya, friends!

Before we can find out the best way for you to deal with your transitions, we need to think about where you are right now. Think about this morning. How did you flow from one thing to another? Mindlessly? Quickly? Slowly? How do you move through the world? Are habits easy for you or seemingly nonexistent?

Was today different from the other days this past week? I mean the way that you move through the world. Is there a tight schedule or a loose one? Are you “winging it” most of the time, or do you have a plan based on what the day holds for you? Are you a time keeper, or does time just flow around you without you giving it much thought?

How we move through the world naturally can give us some insight into how we handle the big transitions, or how we can handle them if we’re paying attention. If your answer from last week’s blog was “When a big transition comes my way, I have a tendency to freak out,” then it might help you more if you have a plan of how you’re going to help yourself through the next big transition.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to know exactly what’s coming in order to make a plan for your safety. There’s no way to have a contingency plan for everything, and why would you want to? The key here is to know yourself well enough to plan for your best care.

Please get comfy and answer the following questions. And if you haven’t answered the ones from last week, please go back and answer those, too.

  1. How much time and energy does it take for you to bounce back from either a bunch of smaller transitions or one large one? Be honest with yourself here. If you need more time, it’s okay to ask yourself for it.

  2. What do you do during transitions, large and small, that make you feel better, even if the transition is wanted? (Do you organize things, call a friend, wear your comfiest clothes?)



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