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  • Heather Kinsey

Transitions: Listening To Your Own Intuition

Hiya, friends!

Look, getting up for work might not be the thing you want most, but in the long run it’s usually the best thing for you. We need to pay the bills, and it’s okay to have some discomfort in our lives, right?

But what about if the mental gymnastics you have to do to get to work are Olympic-level because your boss is the worst. Or what if you have to keep your real self hidden often, because you feel like you have to volunteer at your kid’s school every time they ask? Are these transitions really worth the energy shift?

Or, even if you want the transition, like starting a fantastic new job or going to college, or even starting a new relationship, have you thought about stopping for a moment and really listening to yourself? Or is life “just happening” to you?

We’ve talked a lot in the past couple of months about standing in your own power, and when we’re transitioning this ability to really know ourselves and our own minds is key in how well we transition in life. It can be the difference between a solidness of life and feeling like the earth is constantly shifting underneath you. Remember, we can’t change everything in our lives, but we can prepare for them and stand in our own power, so that no matter what comes, our footing is always solid.

As we come to a close in talking about transitions, please answer the following questions for yourself. Revisit them often as you ease into another of life’s transitions.

  • Which transitions are worth it to you, and which are too exhausting to continue? Make the list as long as it needs to be.

Worth it: Nope:


  • I know that this transition is right/not right for me because when I think about it I feel ______________________________.



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