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  • Heather Kinsey

The Four Pillars of The Crone Life: Crones Use Their Wisdom for the Good of Others and Themselves

Hiya Friends!

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves this month! If you haven’t read the first three blogs of The Four Pillars series, please go back and do that <here> before reading this one. I promise the work will be worth it.

Now that everyone is up to speed, let’s look at how Crones show up in their own lives and for those around them. It’s important to remember that none of us live in a vacuum, and that we all share breath and life with each other. In order to live our best lives, we need to make sure we’re also showing up as our best selves in the lives of those we love and care about.

You might be hearing me say that you need to communicate better and more often with those you love, and that might be the case. We’re all busy, and that can translate into days slipping away from us without us connecting with others. It happens to me all the time. I get it.

But showing up as our best selves can also be seen as staying out of things that don’t concern us and where our power doesn’t extend. We can take a stance that is supportive without getting involved in another’s situation, and that can be the most loving support we can offer. Only you will know in that moment what is the best way to approach any situation or person in your life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re unsure:

  • Is my opinion necessary here?

  • Has the other person asked for my opinion or advice?

  • Can I hold space for this person or situation without getting directly involved?

  • Do I need to see this in a different way by listening instead of speaking or getting involved?

It’s important to understand that our voice doesn’t always need to be heard. Centering ourselves where we’re not wanted isn’t loving, and it’s okay to go unheard in situations or with people who don’t need your input. Standing in solidarity without offering unneeded opinions is being a good ally, and that’s wonderful!

That said, it’s also important to know that the reverse is true. You don’t need to listen to the opinions of others if they aren’t speaking into your life in a way that nourishes you. You have the right to say, “No, thank you” if someone else is imposing their voice onto you. It’s okay to speak up for yourself and to remind another of your boundaries. And like what we want for ourselves, we can then gladly offer to others.

Thank you, friends, for coming along with me as we explored The Four Pillars of Living The Crone Life.



The Crone

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