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  • Heather Kinsey

The Four Pillars of The Crone Life: Crones Stand in Their Own Power

Hiya Friends!

Last week, we answered some questions about ourselves and how we move through the world. Today we’re talking about how Crones who live The Crone Life stand in their own power.

It’s really important to realize that we don’t do anything in a vacuum. Life is always happening, regardless of what we do. We don’t have control of the events, circumstance, or people who come in and out of our lives. But we do have control of how we define our power and how we stand in it moment by moment throughout our lives.

Maybe that sounds a little woo-woo or impractical, but I assure you that isn’t the case. A lot of how we can respond to any situation, event, or person comes because we’ve made it clear to ourselves and others how we will consistently respond. Personal power comes down to having tools to rely on, and those tools come from knowing ourselves and what we want in this world.

Like I said, we can’t control others, and there will be times when our tools and skills will be lacking. But as we come to know ourselves better and set boundaries for where our power begins (and ends), we will be better able to understand and rid ourselves of outside forces before the become real problems for ourselves. Or bring in early those that are helpful and loving.

In order to do this, please answer the following questions. Really think them through, and allow yourself as much time as you need.

  1. What makes me feel powerful on a daily basis? How can I bring this into my life? (finishing a project; gardening; daily exercise; figuring out a hard problem; connecting with others)

  2. Write down something you’re new to or have a question about in your life. (Example: Why is it hard for me to work on something, even if it’s something I want to do?)

  3. What is one way you can solve this problem or answer this question? (Example: I can ease myself into the task by doing smaller, similar tasks.)

  4. What are five questions about yourself that you’re curious about? (Example: What does joy mean to me?)

If we know what we want, then it stands to reason that we also know what we don’t want. So, if you’re unsure of what you want, it helps to find out what we don’t want before doing anything.

  1. Write down one thing you want for sure. It can be material, like money. It can be a feeling, like happiness. It can even be a general person, like a partner. Try to be general in nature about it.

  2. Now, think about the opposite of that. Write that down.

Imagine that I have a stick with what you want on one side and what you don’t want on the other. I take the stick from you and spin it so fast that you can’t tell which end is which. You can stick your hand in any time and grab only one end of the stick.

  1. How would you feel if you grabbed the end of the stick with the thing you want on it?

  2. How would you feel if you grabbed the end of the stick with what you don’t want?

Lots to think about, friends! I hope you spend some time with yourself this week and really allow yourself to become curious about what you really want and need.



The Crone

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