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Questions and Situations The Crone Won’t Work With

There are many reasons a tarot reader won’t answer certain questions or delve too deeply into certain situations. My reasons for the following are my own and based on my own personal standards, values, and beliefs. I reserve the right to reject a question or topic on a client-by-client basis, whether listed here or not.

If you want any of these answered, I’m not the tarot reader for you.


I’m not a doctor or any other type of medical professional. If you are having medical issues, please consult your doctor(s) right away. This also covers any questions about pregnancy and childbirth.


I’m not an accountant or any other type of financial professional. I will not answer questions about money.


I’m not a lawyer or in any way attached to the U.S. Court System. I will not answer questions about legal matters.

Another Person

Other people may come up in the reading because of a situation that you have questions about. This is fine. What I won’t do is read about another person just to read about them. I will only answer questions and discuss situations where you are the main player, and not another person. I will not help you “find someone.”

Underage People

I will not conduct readings for those under the age of 18. If I think that you’ve lied about your age, I will stop the reading and return your money. I will not read for you about an underage person. If this happens, I will end the meeting and keep the money. (You’ve been warned.) I will not help you “find someone.”

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