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How long does each reading session take?

Most packages are one hour long, which allows depth and time for multiple questions of the cards, and to work on a plan to get you to living the life you want. Simple readings are thirty minutes long.

Can you do readings over Zoom?

I love Zoom calls or in-person readings. Most of my clients use Zoom and that allows us to see the cards and each other. I'm happy to give email or phone readings by request, though the price for the stand-alone readings and packages is the same no matter how the reading is given.

What can I expect from a Crone reading?

We'll start by having a short review of how things went from our last meeting, or if this is a first reading, what you want and need from the reading. We'll end by coming up with some action items for you until our next time together.

Where can I learn more information about The Crone readings?

Please visit my blog for all the information, tips, tricks, and perks that come with a Crone reading.

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